Is Bilingual Better? Using Statewide Longitudinal Data to Analyze the Effect of Bilingual-Bicultural Education Programs on English Language Proficiency, Reading, and Mathematics Achievement

Deven Carlson UW-Madison

Jared Knowles UW-Madison, Wisconsin DPI

What's the Deal with BLBC?

Why Look at BLBC in Wisconsin?

Grade Cluster Number of Students
K-3 10
4-8 20
9-12 20

Research Question

Data Used

Year BLBC Districts Unique BLBC Programs Student Eligible for BLBC
2005-06 51 71 30,454
2006-07 52 70 32,232
2007-08 54 72 31,820
2008-09 56 72 32,742

Variables Included

BLBC in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Districts


What is wrong with this?

Caveats and Concerns

plot of chunk growthplot2

plot of chunk growthplot2

Two Possible Techniques

Value Added

Fixed effects

What we do?


Results (II)

Results (III)

Results (IV)

Conclusions and Next Steps


Next Steps


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